Monday, 3 December 2012

Anti-fracking demonstration in London saturday.

Around 400 of us, Friends of the Earth and many Green Party Councillors attended and the Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennet addressed the rally.

Letter sent to Parliament to ask them to stop fracking in the UK because of the unsafe practices of this type of blast extraction! Recent testing in Birmingham has resulted in  homeowners living nearby this test to blame the process on new cracks now appearing in their properties! 

We are at War, the war against our Beautiful Heritage! Our English Countryside and Welsh and Scottish! The environment can only take so much! It is coming under threat from more extraction of raw materials, excessive building and more pollution into our sea and rivers. Plus if the Rail Line HS2 from London to Edinburgh goes ahead, we will see it go through 13 beautiful wildlife sites and disturb many woodlands which will take years to grow back if ever!  All for the sake of around 40 mins less travel time!!

We need to preserve our countryside and woodlands and eco-system, using permaculture more, cutting down on food waste and only manufacturing products which will rot down better and look at more Green Energy for the UK using solar and hydro and wind more.

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