Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Update on local issues from Green Lady

TVP - Briants Avenue, Caversham speeding at all times of the day - Local Councilor to look at 20mph for this busy road.

As we have had a fatality two years ago here and many elderly residents are asking me to have this section reduced or a crossing because they find it difficult to get across this busy road.

Still campaigning for improvements in this area.

Children's Festival this sat 11 - 4pm bring brollies but have a good time.

St John's Church Gosbrook Road this sat - 1 - 4pm - May Fair

If you care about your environment - shop local.

Greens call for 20mph in built up areas for safety.

Blocked drains, more places for school children needed but no space except small portacabins on much needed playing fields!!!, seeing that 10,000 playing fields have been sold off from 1979 - 1997 ( uk nat ecosystems 2011)  Lack of bees in area.

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