Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Coronation Meadows, Badger Culls and today is World Environmental Day!!  Well what a lot to take in!

We now have Coronation Meadows across the UK.  Fantastic.  Reading has three meadows, although Christchurch Meadows might be having too much leisure facilities on there, which is worrying.
I mentioned crazy golf but to have several facilities on a meadow where we already have large children's playground is pushing it! So looking out for more wildflower areas on this meadow please.

I have mentioned last year that the TB problem, could have been helped by vaccinating half the badgers and most surely nature would have helped with next generations?  But to cull so many of these beautiful and timid creatures is surely so harsh and the reports suggest other facts not just Badgers to blame!

Environmental Day in the World.  Well two items caught my eye.  MPs looking at the blight of Factory Farming, which is step in right direction and to have over 100 Meadows listed, is so green!!

As Champion for the RSPB in UK,  was in London over a month ago now with the Parliamentary Advisers, the day was very productive and many species of birds especially this year with the bad wet weather we endured almost past Spring...  many birds have been in decline.

Last week I read a tip about helping birds in our gardens and one was to put out human hair for the birds to add to their nests.  I did this very thing!!  And two weeks later, the hair ball was in the garden lawn and thought, well no bird has taken it yet, when a heard a bird call and looked, it was a large great tit and it promptly swooped down and picked up my hair ball in its beak and flew off!!  Well I never!!

So spring has finally sprung and today being 20degrees, my water butt will soon be empty!!

more to come from Caversham by the River Thames..

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