Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Autumn Newsletter from Caversham Greens

On my newsletter just out, 20's Plenty, Arthur Clark closure takes us backwards and Going Potty over Potholes!

I have been campaigning for 20mph in residential areas in Caversham.
After several accidents locally and increase in traffic coming through Caversham, the need for safer crossings and the much needed repairing of many roads after the winter, there has been lots to do to get things done.

Please support our on line petition  http://chn.ge/1fz3sGG

The closure of the Arthur Clark Home and Day Care Centre there at the top of St Peter's Avenue, was shocking and against petition of many signatures and against the wishes of the local community.

With our elderly population increasing, these services are vital instead of closure!

There is hope that the Home will now be a community asset and I look forward to this venture leading way towards keeping this service North of Reading.

With the bad weather earlier this year, the road surfaces around Caversham has been extreme to say the least and whilst cycling two months ago near Caversham Court, I personally witnessed one older lady with a zimmer frame having to walk into the main A road, because of a local person parking on the pavement and then lorries (at the same spot - because of holes in the road) going into the middle of the road to avoid these holes, but endangering all those at the time!!

After writing twice on this subject this past two months, I am so glad my efforts paid off and two weeks ago the Council have implemented new signage on St Peters Hill and road surface and keep clear signs on this busy road finally DONE!

Greens doing it for Safety in Caversham.

Recently we have been involved in campaigning to preserve wildlife habitats on View Island, a much loved green area and eco-system for wildlife in Reading, lobbied to tackle air pollution, supported campaign for protection of Bees, implemented much needed white lines on busy Reading Bridge in March this year, helped with tree planting and Thames21 in their efforts to clear out the Danall in Christchurch Meadows and finally, lobbied for extra primary and secondary school places in Reading.

To get involved:

Contact jenny@readinggreenparty.org.uk

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