Friday, 8 November 2013

Winter Tales/Pedestrian Bridge and Swans

That time of year again.  Wet, getting colder and leaves coming off the trees!   It must be Winter Time again in UK.
Last week enjoyed a walk around Mapledurham, the sun was shining then for a couple of hours before completely disappearing!
Plenty of lovely birds on our walk and many Red Kites very high up in the sky.

Reading Green Party's Campaign under way to get more 20mph limit on roads in Reading.
With Caversham roads very snarled up because of the Whitchurch Bridge closure for 6 months, we are having to deal with more traffic coming this way!

We had one dead swan two weeks ago on the Reading Bridge in Reading.  It was awful to see, its outstretched wings flat on the main road and traffic diverted around until the authorities could come and deal with it. Very sad to see these beautiful creatures lying still on the ground like that.

With the proposed new pedestrian bridge, which I opposed, because of it not being in keeping with the other two bridges and also the close proximity of the Reading Bridge and the erosion on to much loved green space that we call Christchurch Meadows!

Our green spaces in Reading are getting gobbled up at a rate this past year in Reading!!  Allotments in Tilehurst going, Allotments by Cow Lane went last year and even Maidenhead have increased their Allotments there, what are we doing???  Getting rid of them and still building!!

When this new pedestrian bridge is built and the usage isn't clear, because of the width of the bridge, you cannot cycle, walk and have disabled people use this all at the same time?  So bad planning on someones part!  But the real effect of this proposed bridge will be clear in time, with the local wildlife there probably being disturbed and will move up stream, which will be a shame because there is lots of inhabitants there at the moment where the bridge may be built.

Swans and Geese also need a lot of room to take off into flight and there may be a problem with injuries to these creatures if a bridge with beams coming off of it, the creatures fly into it and get hurt.

So did the planners think of these points?

Such a shame that all this consultation and investigation into new bridge over the Thames has come at a huge waste of time and money and there were many objections but the decision was passed anyway!

Such bad news and undemocratic!

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