Friday, 11 April 2014

Fracking, Food Banks and Flooding

What a heading, but yes, we do have fracking in the UK now, food banks and we have just seen major flooding again.

France has banned fracking in their country and with the USA having problems in the past with this method, why are we going ahead with fracking when we also have fragile chalk lines?

Whilst many residents in the country are still in temporary accommodation because of the floods, is the Government doing enough to tackle climate change? Greens don't think so.

Scientists would say that there is good evidence to suggest our carbon emissions mainly from vehicles are causing more heavy rain fall and a change in our weather patterns that we are seeing today.

Great to have Josh Williams standing for Green Party in Park Ward.  Melanie (who stepped down recently has moved and so wasn't in the area and therefore felt she couldn't give enough time to help residents which is a shame but understandable and we wish her well).

Locally to me in Caversham, the sonning road was shut for around 6 weeks because of the floods. This area has had major aggregate extraction and is very low lying, so when and if we get heavy rain falls again, the road needs to be raised and why it was allowed to have extraction in a low lying area seems ludicrous really!

I am pleased to have been involved with many e-mails to the South Oxfordshire County Council on this matter and the last letter I received states that they are going to raise the height of this road, so hopefully no more snarles up with traffic.

In Spain they take their aggregates off the top of a mountainous region!!  Not on low lying areas which in future might cause flooding issues more in the UK, so is this something for planners to include in the future!

Getting back to issues in Caversham.  Green ones ofcourse!

We have seen yet again very over long vehicles coming through the village which are huge and this small village and in some places very narrow, I am continuing to address this matter with our local MP.
I was so pleased to pressure the Council on getting St Peter's Hill resurfaced and new signage there for safety last Aug/Sept. So although there wasn't any elections last year because of there being County Elections, (Reading is a Borough), I managed to get around 250 items from pot holes to more planting, road cleaning to lobbying on Bedroom Tax in UK.

Today I have been out and about with mums and children doing the Easter Egg Hunt Trail.  It was very busy with some tired children flagging and some smaller ones so excited!!

On wednesday evening we went to our local pub and one resident said 'was that your Greenpeace leaflet you put through my door',  well it was the Green Leaf from the Green Party infact, and we had plenty to discuss.

Thinking of housing, late last year Labour councillors voted to reduce Reading's new build, affordable housing target from 50% to nearer 30%. We have around 10,000 people on the council housing list and our two green councillors will keep working hard to make sure everyone has access to affordable housing.

To help with climate change we can all do our bit by having our homes insulated. The Reading Borough Council does have details of this or write to me on and I will pass on details of where to get help with insulating your home which also would then help cut bills!  So win, win situation!

With election day coming on the 22nd May and ballot cards are reaching our homes this week.
If you don't vote, you voice isn't heard, so please vote and have your say.

If you want to get involved with the Green Party in Reading go on line
For fairness, integrity and transparency.

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