Monday, 12 May 2014

Election time 22nd May 2014

So its Election time 2014 in Caversham.

I am the Candidate for Caversham, Reading Green Party.

This year if you go on you can actually see what I have addressed to the Council.
Almost over 2/3rds of what I have reported has been done and so pleased.

I became interested in politics three years ago when the Libraries in the UK were going to be closed down and thought well this is an outrage!!

I liked the Green Party because of their fairness, integrity and transparency and being Green so joined and haven't looked back!

I love nature, I am RSPB campaigner in UK and love my community.

Caversham has grown over the years with influx of people enjoying living close to the Town Centre and we do have some lovely green spaces, although these are at risk with development. So campaigning against the development of leisure facilities on the Christchurch Meadows this year, was my pleasure to do so to protect this area.

With the environment on many peoples mind this year more than ever because of the storms, flooding and scientists finally agreeing that climate change is here, we need to do more to help protect nature and cut carbon emissions.

So pleased to say that locally we now have new community cafe. The 3C's. Located in St John's Church Caversham, for the community to use open tuesdays at the moment, but engaging with the community to call in and enjoy. 

The lovely Caversham Court Gardens are well used in better weather and they even have a theatre in the open in summer months too. Come along and enjoy many events there.

So Lower Caversham right next to the River Thames, so much to do and with our bustling village, many restaurants, shops and hopefully a market in future too.

With increase in population comes increase in traffic in Caversham.

I am also pleased to use my bicycle to get around Caversham, much quicker than being in traffic.

So cutting my carbon and also advising friends of car sharing and using public transport more we can all get around much better.

With sore feet and many people to speak to on the door step whilst canvassing, great to address many issues that residents want tackled.

The Greens in Reading are very active with two Green Councillors and hopefully three or more after 22nd May. And also increase in Green Party in UK is refreshing for many.

With many issues like promoting more Insulating Homes to reduce bills to campaigning on protecting our green spaces and wildlife, look at The Green Party and their manifesto and hey, decide.

If want to get involved go to 

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