Tuesday, 11 November 2014

North Reading Green Matters!

Current topics, NHS under threat in UK, poverty and vulnerable in need and 100 years since WW1.

I was very happy to attend the new Interfaith Group for Reading on sunday.

If we do not engage in faiths and all of society's needs, we cannot learn and go forwards. Friendships are built on trust and the need to embrace cultures is ultimately respect for others.

Our NHS in under threat! With over 40% of district nurses gone in a decade and loss of over 2,000 nurses in the year of September 2012, and our GPs leaving in droves because of increase in working conditions and lack of backup to support them, a squeeze is taking place, Mr Bevan (the founder of NHS) must be turning in his grave! And to read today report on vast amounts of money given to people in top jobs in NHS for redundancy and then they go straight back into these jobs two weeks later with large sums of money for their pay??  How fair is that?

With increase in poverty and food banks, ReadiFood have been kindly accepting the generosity of people in Caversham donating tins and food items for the needy this month.

Our planning laws are under threat, the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is a disaster for the countryside. It throws away 60 years worth of environmental protection. So what can we do to reclaim land? The attempt to introduce a Land Value Tax by MP Caroline Lucas and Jenny Jones in the Lords, is a long overdue first step towards ensuring that the benefits gained from land are shared fairly. A profit for a few isn't fair but ultimately a need to have 'environment' on every business agenda is imperative for existence of our wildlife in UK.

Locally, our Christchurch Meadows is now a building site! With diggers and lots of equipment erecting the new pedestrian bridge. Although this bridge is for cyclists, pedestrians and disabled users, which The Green Party ofcourse advocate using green transport, because of any increase in carbon emissions making climate change which has now this year been fully reported in media and scientists have finally be able to report to the nation that there is a link and we must do more to tackle this, the location and structure of this bridge is quite near to the other one (Reading Bridge) which could have been better looked at to solve our problems in meeting the needs of movement in travel for Reading/Caversham, instead, this was rushed through at great expense and with high cables no thought for the flying swans and geese which adorn this area.  So wrong location, wrong design and more light pollution along our Thames is coming!  Not the way forwards!

To get involved with The Reading Green Party, a party for the people and environment, check out www.readinggreenparty.org.uk

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