Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Green view of Caversham in the Autumn 2014

Another new member for the Green Party very pleased!

It is now autumn, yes it is...   in Caversham.

Almost all the roads have been resurfaced and still line painting to be done in many places though!
Litter bins, new railings and fly tipping amongst many other things, reported on fixmystreet.com  totalling nearly 170 items todate!

Glad to be addressing many issues for the residents in Caversham.

Awful to see large chunk by the river gone to accommodate the new pedestrian bridge on Christchurch Meadows (or as they are now called Thames Park)!

The new play area has been moved and sited right next to the tennis courts and so many mums and dads have agreed with me that all the green area has now been gone?

I will continue to boycott this bridge when it is up, although it is 'green' for cyclists and walkers but it is quite close to the Reading Bridge and takes up so much green meadow (yes it is still really a meadow, although getting carved up at a rate....) why couldn't a walkway be sited on to the side of the existing Reading Bridge instead of taking so much of Christchurch Meadows???

And to make way for the construction of this bridge, 7 poplar trees are being felled on George Street (these beautiful trees iconic viewing from Tilehurst's McIllroy's Park) for access of building materials and machinery into the meadows!

I will push for more wildflower planting and to have replacements for these trees in due course.

Over the weekend I was in Forest of Dean collecting seeds for Woodland Trust. Beautiful there just into Monmouthshire on the border of England/Wales.

If you get a chance, go and enjoy many walks and the River Wye.  Magnificent countryside.

Getting back to Caversham, the Reading Festival has now gone and clearing up started almost straight away with lots of litter to be picked up and tents and boots etc - given to charities to sell I believe.

Enjoyed seeing many friends at www.readinggreendrinks.org.uk meeting every 1st tuesday  6.30 onwards at RISC Reading International Solidary Centre, London Street, Reading.

If you love folk music and also they have many 'green' meetings from tackling environmental issues to celebrating cultures in the World - go and join in www.risk.org.uk 

So much to enjoy in Reading with new eateries, shops and new station. Wow! 

Just need new Theatre and decent swimming pools and Ice Skating Rink, City Farm and more tourism things to get people coming into Reading.

If you go around the World and say you are from Reading UK, people say 'ah yes - Rock Festival'!!  Yes, and although its fab for Reading and Leeds ofcourse, we are not known for our heritage which has been eroded so severely over the decades which is extremely sad for a City in waiting.

So glad to be putting these ideas to the movers and shakers in Reading!!

If you like to get involved and make a difference and love your surroundings, and love green policies, (u can find these on www.Thegreenparty.org.uk)   

join us. www.readinggreenparty.org.uk 

Love to cut your carbon footprint?  Go conference calling more...


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